>> Freiburger Schloßberg <<

Vines have been cutivated here for at least a thousand years, yet because of its stragically favorable location, the Schlossberg was frequently the site of fierce battles, after which it lay fallow for generations.After his victory over Freiburg, the ” Sun King” Louis the 14th commissioned his military engineer Vauban to construct massive bulwarks on the hill.

They werde short-lived: 66 years later, yet another band of French troops demolished them. Today the ruins of the old fortfications have a more peaceful function – they make up the walls that support the vine-laden terraces on the Schlossberg.

This vineyards belongs to the Breisgau district. Its southeastern exposure is sunny and protected, but it has nearly twice as much rainfall as the Kaiserstuhl. Furthermore, a cool wind- the ” Höllentäler ” – blows in from the Black Forest promptly at 9:30 p.m.

The soil of this extremely steep site – with an inclination of up to 70 % -consists of weathered stony gneiss that is rich in iron. It is a veritable ” mineral bank” for the vines.