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Ihringer Winklerberg
Ihringer Winklerberg

Stigler Estate in Ihringen at Kaiserstuhl

In 1881 the Stiglers laid the foundation of the family’s wine estate by purchasing a parcel of vines in the Ihringer Winklerberg site. However, for vines to optimally benefit from these conditions, it was necessary to supply the porous, stony soil with humus to improve nutrient and moisture retention. Over the past few decades this has been accomplished with straw mulch and green manure.
The increased humus content enables vines to better absorb the natural nutrients available in the mineral-rich volcanic soil. Since the site was first cultivated in the 19th century, Winklerberg wines have been highly esteemed for their quality. Despite the fact that the requisite starting must weights for all Prädikats are higher in Baden than elsewhere in Germany, the Ihringer Winklerberg yields top Prädikats wines nearly every year.